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Everything depends on the mission

We aim to connect people with the world around them
in a comfortable, frictionless & secure way.


We are all surrounded by people we call strangers because we just don’t know them yet. Comfortably tap into the potential connections that surround you every day.


Using multiple identities allows you to say what you truly feel. TurnTalk provides the freedom to (respectfully) be who you are without the associated social pressure.


Protecting your communication is one of our top priorities. Our cryptosystem uses a combination of RSA public-key encryption & AES to securely send and store messages.

Not just another messaging app

Anonymous to start / Real to grow *Coming soon: Business to create opportunities
Anonymous Profile

View people around you and look through their interests

Chat anonymously to get to know others

Send a “turn request” to anyone who you want to know better

If they agree, you both see each other’s Real profile

Real Profile


People have all kinds of different interests.

Can you imagine that someone around you might have the same interests as you?

Now you can chat anonymously and even get to know each other outside the app.
What a world of possibilities...right?!


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Stan Khlevner Founder

Tagline: “Getting sh*t done is a lifestyle”